Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will.i.am Relishing the Opportunity to Work With U2

Danny Martindale, FilmMagic
-Posted on Dec 7th 2010 8:30AM by Andrew Kerr

Will.i.am has described working with U2 on their next album as a "light-year stone" moment in his career. 

The Black Eyed Peas leader has taken on production duties for the Irish quartet's next album, something he's clearly relishing.
Speaking to The Sun, he said, "You talk about one day looking back at milestones in your career -- working with those guys will be light-year stones. I look at U2 and think, 'Wow, I hope our group can stay together that long and still make brilliant music.'"

A huge admirer of Bono, the chance to work closely with the outspoken singer was a big draw, he said. "Just being around Bono and the guys is inspiring. It's like how a government should be. Bono for president of the world, I say. I try and do good and my bit to help the world but Bono is on another level. My car's pretty cool but he has a spaceship."

Despite their differing musical backgrounds, Will.i.am believes the project will be a success. "There's only one type of music and that's good music, no matter what genre it is. Bono is one of those guys who sees it that way and there's no right or wrong. There are no rules once you lift the veil off."

The new U2 material has already won over a couple of celebrity fans. The performer-cum-producer explained, "I went to Bono's house for lunch and George Clooney and Cindy Crawford were there. I played some of the songs we'd been working on together and everyone was blown away. They all left the finger food to come and hear."

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