Friday, January 21, 2011

Spotify has inked US deal with Sony Music, other labels next

John Brownlee/
For years, it seemed that the European music streaming service Spotify would just never launch. Although Americans have been clamping at the bit for the service, the record labels just never could seem to come to an agreement with Spotify, reportedly because they wanted to see a translation rate of over a third of free listeners turning into subscribers, which was a bit pie-in-the-sky. These fruitless negotiations caused Spotify to miss its end-of-year deadline to come to the States… and many thought it might have killed Spotify’s domestic chances for good.
Last week, though, we would-be Spotify listeners in the States got a ray of hope when it was announced that Spotify was close to inking some deals with the labels that would finally bring the service to domestic shores. It seemed almost too good to be true after so many months and years of heartbreak, but what do you know: multiple sources are now telling AllThingsD that Spotify has finally and conclusively inked a deal with Sony Music.
This is huge news. The music labels are a close-knit bunch, and when one of them topples, the others tend to as well. Spotify’s deal with Sony makes it very, very likely that Universal, EMI and Warner will follow suit, and we’ll have Spotify in America in the next few months. I can’t wait.

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