Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Damon Albarn Confirms Blur Is Recording New Music Again, Planning 2012 Tour

John Barrett/Paste

Damon Albarn is one of the busiest guys in popular music: Aside from his work with his virtual band Gorillaz, he juggles responsibilities in The Good, the Bad & the Queen, his Kinshasa One Two project, and his newest group Rocketjuice and The Moon, featuring Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on bass and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti) on drums.

Even with all these roles to fill, Albarn recently confirmed to NME that Blur is active once again and are currently recording in the studio. He said the pioneering Britpop group has been meeting up “regularly.”

Albarn expressed a desire to embark on an international tour with Blur in 2012, but plans remain tentative, as he admitted he needed to work Blur logistically around his other obligations.

He also revealed Blur had already recorded a song earlier in the year — a collaboration with poet and spoken word artist Michael Horovitz — that hasn’t been released to the public yet. It was written in response to the potential cancellation of a U.K. festival, the Notting Hill Carnival, but when the event wasn’t canceled, Albarn and company scrapped plans to release it.

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