Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blink-182's 'After Midnight' Video 'A Little Darker'

James Montgomery/MTV

Blink-182's "Up All Night" video was a rather-raucous vision of the teen-pocalypse, with fans running roughshod over (and partying hard on) a deserted suburban landscape.

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So when it came time to shoot the video for "After Midnight," the second proper single from their Neighborhoods album, the guys wanted to go a different route — think less wanton destruction, a general lack of exploding cars andwaaay less partying. Of course, they ended up going with the same guy who directed "Up All Night," but that's sort of beside the point.

"We went through probably 30 different treatments for this video, and a lot of them were great, and a lot of them weren't so great but [director] Isaac [Rentz's] stuck out as a really cool idea," Mark Hoppus told MTV News on the set of the "Midnight" video, in Tustin, California. "We wanted it to be something different than just a bunch of people having fun and having a party; we wanted it to be a little darker, a little more troubled, and Isaac's treatment did that."

So while they're once again working with Rentz, Blink's "After Midnight" clip is shaping up to be a far cry from "Up All Night," mostly because, as Hoppus explained, the song is about dark things — while still remaining true to the band's roots, of course.

"The song itself is about troubled love, it's about damaged people who fall in love," he said, "and the video takes place in a psychiatric ward, and this guy and this girl escape from their rooms and have a night of romance and passion and fun and wild existence ..."

"It's about sex," Tom DeLonge jokingly added.

"It's not, it's not that tawdry," Hoppus replied, laughing. "Why would you make it that cheap?"

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