Friday, May 25, 2012

Heidi Klum Pole Dances in Sexed-Up Music Video Read more:


Heidi Klum isn't just a supermodel, mom, TV host and fashion entrepreneur: She's also a pop star!

The 38-year-old blond beauty channeled her inner rocker in a music video for Hunger Magazine. Klum sings "Turn Up the Night," puffs on a cigarette and even pole dances seductively. At one point, the German-born star wraps herself in an American flag and also hits up a tattoo parlor.

"I'm begging on my knees, just take me," she sings, clearly utilizing the help of a voice synthesizer. "You're the one I want. You're the one I need."

But Klum isn't planning to conquer the music industry: According to U.K.'s Telegraph, this rocker-chick stint is a one-off and not the start of her umpteenth career.

With last month's naked magazine cover, another birthday suit photo shoot and now this clip, we have to wonder if Seal is busy right now staging Operation Get Heidi Back.

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