Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christina Aguilera Scores Big On 'The Voice' Blind Auditions

Photo: NBC
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Season three of "The Voice" continued with blind auditions during Tuesday night's episode. During Monday night's season premiere, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton all landed some good contenders, but round two belonged toChristina Aguilera's night.

The judges had no problem putting their fellow judges in their place as they pitched their selected hopefuls. But, it was Aguilera who landed the two strongest singers of the night, prompting the pop princess to jump up from her seat and do some fierce victory dances. Here were the stand-out moments of the night:

Powerhouse Meet Powerhouse
Aguilera got her pick of the night's best singers, including New Yorker Adriana Louise. She was the night's first performer and had all four judges banging their buttons for her. "We belong together," Aguilera told Louise, who could only respond by saying, "You're Christina Aguilera, you're talking to me!" Louise's charismatic "woo" in the middle of her verses was very reminiscent of her new mentor.

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
The night only got better for Aguilera when she scored the handsome Aquile, whose voice Levine called "buttery." Aquile had the girls swooning from his first note. While Levine and Green put up a fight for Aquile, Aguilera won out. "I kinda want a private concert, to be honest," Aguilera said, smitten.

Karaoke DisasterRyan Fogarty might be good enough to be Leann Rimes' tour production coordinator (and receive a glowing recommendation from the country star) but didn't quite make the cut on season three of "The Voice." Admittedly having only sang karaoke, Fogarty could hold a note, but he couldn't keep up with the stiff competition. He was applauded for his consistency but all four judges agreed he needed development, that he just wasn't "compelling enough." Fogarty left with his head held high and Rimes still on his side.

The 'Magical Pop Star'That's what Adam Levine called 19-year-old MacKenzie Bourg after he was compared to both Harry Potter and Justin Bieber. What was really magical was his story of contracting a virus that caused him to suffer congestive heart failure just a year and a half ago. "Too many take waking up, breathing every morning for granted," Bourg said, making him someone you wanted to root for. Surprisingly, though, when the eclectic singer took the stage, only Green heard what the world saw, and they became automatic partners.

Mariachi MadnessJulie Cesar Castillo became the first singer on "The Voice" to sing an entire song in Spanish. Shelton was first to jump on the Castillo bandwagon and Green joined in after he saw the audience's positive response. "I saw people stand up with pride" Green said, "Different is what I do. Blake is good at doing the same thing over and over again." Castillo opted for Shelton, though. Maybe it was his strange pitch about seeing a banner in a gymnasium with his name on it as season three's champion. Whatever, it worked.

The final tally after two episodes left Aguilera and Shelton in the lead with four team members each, Green with three and Levine with two.

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