Friday, September 14, 2012

Kings of Leon Spinoff Smoke & Jackal's NSFW 'No Tell'

Marc Hogan/Spin

Where there's Smoke, there's Jackal. And where there's Smoke & Jackal, there's Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill and KoL-like band Mona's singer Nick Brown. Last month, the nouveau duo released their Dixie-U2, Southern-arena-rock first single, "No Tell," prompting us to dig up15 rejected names for Smoke and Jackal. From October 16 EP EP1, the track now has a nocturnal video complete with skinny-dipping and, sadly for any cubicle warriors out there, the accompanying female nudity. Which is all really pretty tasteful considering the lyrics, such as: "I guess she really came to give some head / Now the sheets are red / We're going down in the motel." Motel, "No Tell," get it?

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