Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shazam expands to include TV shows

Whitney Matheson/USA TODAY

When Shazam first launched, the concept seemed magical. Wherever we were -- even if it were a crowded bar -- the app was somehow able to detect exactly which song was playing in the background.

Over the years, Shazam has broadened its service to include films, commercials and other media. Today it launches perhaps its most interesting update yet, though: Now it will identify (almost) any TV show on any channel, anytime.

I aimed my phone at an episode of MTV's Awkward and discovered that not only will Shazam tell me what music appears in the episode, but it links to the cast, Awkward's IMDB and Wikipedia pages and its official site. Shazam other shows, and you might get trivia, gossip/related news and Twitter feeds. (Sports events are also on Shazam now and include scores, stats, etc.)

All of this comes with an added social element, so Shazam tags can appear in your Facebook timeline and be shared via Twitter.

Shazam is available for most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Download the app (if you haven't already) and test it the next time you're sitting in front of the tube!

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