Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baseball Delay Wreaks Havoc on 'X Factor'

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Katy Kroll/Rollingstone

Talk about throwing us a curveball! Somewhere, Simon Cowell is crying foul and kicking dirt over what happened with this week's lone episode of The X Factor. It was supposed to be a big, exciting, two-hour reveal of who each judge picked to be their final four going into the live shows, but it turned out to be a confusing mess when a rain delay during the baseball playoffs pre-empted a good portion of the show. (Wah!)

On the east coast, that meant the episode aired 40 minutes late as Fox cut between sports commentary and an inexplicable airing of the new sitcom Ben and Kate. Then about an hour of The X Factor aired – long enough to show us who Britney Spears and L.A. Reid chose as their final four. But midway through Demi Lovato'ssegment, the network randomly cut to The Mindy Project until the game resumed. There was no Simon to be seen – gasp. And on the west coast, the episode didn't air at all, instead being replaced by a repeat from last week. Oh, the humanity.

For now, let's quickly talk about that precious hour that did air, in which we learned who eight of the Top 16 are. Yes, in the end, each judge will cut his or her team from six to four. (Spoiler alert to those who didn't get to see any of the ep.)

At Britney's home, the rainbow-haired pop princess broke the bad news to two hopefuls on her Teens team: aspiring rapper James Tanner and the most intense 13-year-old on the planet, Reed Deming, whose quote of the night was, "This is the climax of my life." Yeah, it's surely all downhill for the next 70 years, kid. That leavesDiamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray to duke it out on the live shows.

Meanwhile, L.A. pieced together a real motley crew of Over 25s by cutting R&B crooner Daryl Black and overly confident – and apparently too seasoned – Tara Simon. He shockingly let the low-rent Adam Lambert-wannabe Jason Brock squeak through instead, in addition to tough guy Vino Alan, cowboy-hat-wearin' Tate Stevens and David Correy, who's probably the team's only real shot at winning.

And while Demi's segment got lopped off, we do know that girl-next-door Jennel Garcia and R&B-meets-country boy Willie Jones both made it through to the next round.

Le sigh. We'll have to wait till next week, when the effed up episode will air in its entirety, to see what else goes down. So check back then for a more thorough recap!

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