Monday, October 8, 2012

Gaga Continues Barcelona Concert After Vomiting Onstage

Jocelyn Vena/MTV

It looks like Lady Gaga caught Justin Bieber's bug. Just one week after the Biebs vomited onstage in Arizona, the Mother Monster got sick mid-performance when she took the stage in Barcelona for a stop on her Born This Way Ball.

In footage posted online, Gaga was midway through "The Edge of Glory" when she turned from the stage to vomit, as the backup vocals continued to play. She finished out the routine with a male dancer by her side, only to throw up two more times before wrapping the track.

Initially Gaga didn't address the incident on Twitter, simply sharing with her Little Monsters, "I want my fans to know I'm there for them. I want them to see every part of me. I am never going to leave them."

But after she hit up London to launch her Fame perfume at Harrods, she finally opened up about the incident. She wrote, "Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan 'Vomit' Lake. I still hit my routine mom!! :) Thank goodness for the Dorchester...i need some tea ,i think i just cried a little watching that."

It's not the first time that Gaga has fallen ill on stage. While in Romania over the summer, she ran off stage to throw up. When she returned, she explained what caused it, telling the crowd, "I went backstage and vomited, and I did not want you to see this... It happens to me sometimes."

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