Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Janis Joplin Will Finally Get A Standard Musical Biopic

Alex Butzbach/Prefix

Some scientists are warning movie audiences and critics alike that around the end of this century, there won't be any musicians left to make biopics about. For the uninitiated, a musical biopic is the standard story that deviates very little from one picture to another. It shows the tough childhood the film's focus has had, the relief they find through music, their battles with drugs and sex and the redemption they finally achieve at the end of their lives or in death.

This is what's on display in Great Balls of Fire, The Buddy Holly Story, The Temptations, Ray, Ring of Fire and every other movie about a musician. In fact, it was effortlessly spoofed in John C. Reilly's Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story -- so much so that you'd have thought the genre was dead.

However, it's apparently coming back with a vengeance. According to IndieWire, director Lee Daniels is signing on to work with Amy Adams to create a biopic of rock icon Janis Joplin. This picture has been in the works for years, but apparently the hold-up involved a problem getting the rights to many of Joplin's songs. A movie without the iconic music of its protagonist is pretty pointless, so thankfully the procuers waited until they could ensure Joplin's greatest hits would appear in the film. Expect the movie, tentatively titled Get It While You Can, sometime in the next few years.

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