Friday, October 12, 2012

Taylor Swift on Her Messy Love Life

Theo Wenner for
Rolling Stone

In the new issue of Rolling Stone: Taylor Swift gives her most candid interview ever. Over the course of several conversations in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville with writer Brian Hiatt, Swift reveals recurring anxiety dreams ("I have a big fear of things spiraling out of control"); talks about her deliberately incautious approach to romance ("You have to fall in love really fast, without thinking too hard") and explains why she's dating an 18-year-old ("I have rules for a lot of areas of my life – love is not going to be one of them"). Here's an excerpt of the cover story:

This is what it sounds like when Taylor Swift totally loses it: "Oh, my God. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD."

Her summer tan is turning ashen; her very blue eyes are practically pinwheeling with panic. But she didn't do anything that bad just now, didn't start a nuclear war or curse on country radio or upload her new album to BitTorrent: We're on a bleak industrial road outside a Nashville rehearsal studio one stiflingly hot late-August evening, with Swift behind the wheel of her black Toyota SUV – which she just backed directly into a parked car. She's never learned how to use her SUV's built-in GPS, was messing with Yelp and Google Maps on her iPhone instead, realized she was going the wrong way, started to turn around, still clutching the phone, and . . . crunch.

"Oh, my God," she repeats, pausing for air. She takes another look at the car she hit. "Oh, is that my bass player?"

It totally is. "It's fine, it's my bass player!" She couldn't look more relieved if she had received a death-row pardon. Popping out of the SUV, she apologizes to her bemused employee, a Ben Stiller look-alike named Amos Heller, who had been walking toward his now slightly dented car. "I'm gonna pay for it, I promise! I'm good for it! Oh, my God, Amos, I'm so sorry. I freaked out 'cause I went the wrong way and he was gonna think I'm a bad driver and then I backed into another car. This is the worst interview he's ever had, already!"

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