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'The Voice' Coaches Cut Their Teams In Half During Knockouts

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It was an all-out war during part two of "The Voice" knockout rounds Tuesdsay night. Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton kept the surprises coming as some unexpected singers took the crown and secured a spot on the live shows.

Monday night's broadcast, featuring Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green's final selects, was pre-empted on the east coast for local coverage of the devastating hurricane Sandy.

The celebrity coaches pit their 10-member teams against one another, picking the final five to represent them in the live shows. Aguilera's strategy was to keep to one genre, forming the strongest pop group in the competition while Shelton decided to create an ultra-diverse team, hoping one might strike the right chord with viewers.

Lose-Lose Battle
The pairing of Chevonne, Lady Gaga's back-up singer, against misfit soul sistah De'borah was the hardest to watch. Both members of Team Christina had the most unique personalities of the season, and were equally talented. The epic battle saw Chevonne energizing the stage with "Dancing With Myself" while De'borah had everyone in tears, including her opponent, with her rendition of "You Found Me," which ultimately earned her the win. Whiel itt was tough watching Chevonne go, it was entertaining to see her ignore ex-coach Cee Lo on the way out, though.

One-Man Team
Literally. Team Christina's team of 10 included only two males: Dez Duron and Aquile. And one was eliminated. Aquile was not so lucky when he faced Sylvia Yacoub. Aquile couldn't quite live up to his own challenge of Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and the tough Yacoub kicked his butt. Duron, though, won against arts student Alessandra Guercio, and when asked by Cee Lo what it was like being surrounded by all the girls, the suave Duron answered, "every day's a blessing."

Surprise Wins
Much like the surprise eliminations of Team Cee Lo's Avery Wilson or Team Adam's Nicole Nelson, there were some surprise wins this knockout round, including that of Team Blake's Julio Cesar Castillo, the show's first Mariachi singer. Although he struggled singing in English, tackling Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love," Shelton felt more invested in the singer and decided to stay with him.

Song selection is often a make-or-break decision for singers in such competition series. Contestants chose their own songs for the knockouts and some got it all wrong, including two of Team Blake's country front-runners, Gracia Harrison, who opted for a rock song, and the much older Rudy Parris who thought he could take on Chris Brown's "Forever." The awkward performances showed lack of direction and both were knocked out.

Hey Cassadee
The last performance of the night was Team Blake's Cassadee Pope and Suzanna Choffel. Pope continued another theme of the night: singing the coaches' songs by doing a cover of Levine's "Payphone." Though her nerves were evident, her dynamic performance outshone the laidback, cool approach of Coffel. It was no surprise that the Hey Monday singer and "Voice" favorite Cassadee Pope won that knockout.

The final live show teams are as follows:

Team Adam:
Bryan Keith
Loren Allred
Melanie Martinez
Amanda Brown
Joselyn Rivera

Team Cee Lo:
Trevin Hunte
MacKenzie Bourg
Nicholas David
Diego Val
Cody Belew

Team Christina:
Devyn Deloera
Adriana Louise
Dez Duron

Team Blake:
Liz Davis
Terry McDermott
Michaela Paige
Julio Cesar Castillo
Cassadee Pope

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