Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Transfer Your iPhone Music To Spotify With M2S App

Eliot Van Buskirk/Evolver.fm./Hypebot

We’ve caught wind of an intriguing iOS app that promises to unite what are, for many of us, two disparate worlds: the iTunes music stored on our phone’s Music player and our Spotify playlists. M2S ($2, iOS) installs quickly and easily. First, you select certain songs (or “all songs”), or just specific playlists. Then, you zap those up to your Spotify account, as new playlists. Simple.

Developer Neuron Industries says it sends about 10 songs per second on a typical phone, and that the app supports playlists of up to 5,000 songs.

“It sucked typing in all of your song names that had been collected in iTunes and on your Devices for years,” responded Ryan Cramer, CEO, partner, and creative director at Neuron Industries, when asked why Neuron released the app. “There had to be a better way.”

As one might suspect, Apple staffers apparently had to think long and hard about whether to approve an app that facilitates the migration from iTunes to Spotify.

“We never thought it was going to see the light of day, as Apple fought us hard during the review process,” said Cramer via email. “It was rejected many times, and they gave us the run-around from interface design to legal departments. But I am happy to say we stuck to our guns and did not change one thing from our original app submission, and carefully respond to Apple each time. We knew we had followed all of the developer guidelines and they had no good reason to shelve M2S. We even considered releasing on Cydia (jailbreak app community), but we never had to go down that road.”

This app began when Neuron’s 17-year-old intern, Dylan Reich, showed Cramer an early prototype, after which the two made an agreement to develop and release the app together.

It’s not free, but if you — like Cramer — are sick and tired of typing your iTunes music into Spotify, M2S is the answer.

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