Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Berklee updates guide to music industry careers, salaries

Ira Kantor/Boston Herald

The Berklee College of Music has released an updated version of its comprehensive directory of salary ranges for U.S. music positions including performance, business, audio technology, education and music therapy.

First released in 2010, “Music Careers in Dollars and Cents” has been revised for 2012 to keep up with a constantly changing industry. New features include updated salary and job information; and more detailed salary ranges for many positions, such as TV and film score composer, music supervisor, and songwriter/lyricist.

Job titles such as video game composer — $30,000-$75,000-plus for a creative fee deal (30 minutes of music) — film score conductor and concert hall manager have been added in this edition.

A flow chart on negotiating a job offer and a resources section that includes professional music organizations and associations are also new, along with artist revenue trends with information from the Future of Music Coalition’s recent survey.

The study shows salaries trending upward for certain positions including orchestral musician ($28,000-$143,000), while others, such as commercial jingle composer ($100-$8,000-plus per commercial) are seeing a decline.

“There is a downward pressure on many music performance salaries right now due to the slowing global economic recovery, changing perceptions of music’s value and hyper competition,” said Peter Spellman, director of Berklee’s Career Development Center. “Thus, all the more reason for musicians to expand their repertoire of both musical and professional skills in this transforming industry.”

The report also includes an expanded emerging career paths section highlighting current positions expected to see continued growth in the coming years, such as mobile music app developer, online video music teacher and creative arts therapist.

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