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What Are The Best Facebook Music Apps?

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Music lovers of Facebook, now is the time to have your mind blown. I’d guess that many of you have tried one or two Facebook music apps and maybe decided on your favourite one and left it at that. I’d also guess that you don’t really know just how many great music applications are out there and that you have no idea how much you could enjoy yourself by checking them out.

Still, with so many Facebook music apps to choose from, the question of “Which apps are the best?” will inevitably spring to mind. And here’s where it gets tricky, too. There are apps that make it easy to find new music, apps that give you radio, apps that let you play specific tracks, apps that share your listening habits with your friends, apps to share your band’s music with your fans and apps to help you get more gigs. Some of them even touch on several of these.

Suddenly it seems that even defining what sort of music app we’re looking for is just too hard. Thankfully, it also means there’s some fantastic apps to check out. Today, we’ll take a look at ten of the more popular ones.

Spotify is an extremely popular music streaming application which links into Facebook in order to share your listening habits and playlists with your friends. Listeners can choose to hear albums or playlists as they wish, however free users are limited. Mobile apps and desktop apps are available.

Deezer is a French service very similar to Spotify in that users can choose what they’d like to hear from millions of songs. As for Spotify, both desktop and mobile apps are available. Favourite playlists and artists are shared with Facebook friends.

Mixcloud lets you listen to or create a cloud-based radio station. Users with DJ leanings can programme their favourite tunes into their cloudcast and share them with the world. Other users can just sit back and enjoy what’s available to them. Both DJs and listeners can share favourites with Facebook. The application is either web-based or available for iOS devices.

TuneIn is a way to explore the world’s best radio stations, including music, news and sports. You can search for a song you like and see a list of all the stations currently playing the song. When you’ve found some stations you like you can save them as presets. Use the web, iOS app or Android App to access your favourite TuneIn stations and share what you’re listening to with your friends on Facebook.

Similar to Mixcloud, 8Tracks lets music gurus curate playlists, which are then browsed by listeners according to mood, genre and artist. You can share your favourites with friends via Facebook. Access the 8Tracks app via the website, mobile web or iOS application.

Jango is a web-based site which lets you listen to genre-based radio stations or to create your own station based on your favourite music. All of this can then be shared with your friends via Facebook.

Songza is all about mood-based or activity-based music. You tell it what you’re up to and it will play the tunes. For instance, if you’re at the gym, working hard or taking the day off. Listen to Songza via the web, mobile web app or iOS device and share with your Facebook friends.

Vevo is a leading music video site, featuring high quality music video from popular artists. It also features many concert performances and will help connect you with content via other fans and your Facebook friends. It’s available as a web app and iOS application. is a simple idea, similar to Mixcloud and 8Tracks. You make public playlists and share them with friends via Facebook. If you’re just wanting to listen, you can browse until you find something you like. is only available via the website.

Rdio lets you use the web or mobile website to access their huge library of music. You can listen to playlists or just search for a song, album or artist you like and listen to that. Follow other listeners with similar taste, follow your Facebook friends and share your favourite music with the people who follow you. Create playlists yourself or collaborate on playlists with your friends. Rdio apps are available for iOS, Android,  Windows phone and Blackberry.

Honourable Mentions
There were too many great apps to choose from, so I will just add a quick list here for anyone who wants to browse a few more fantastic Facebook music apps:

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