Friday, November 9, 2012

'X Factor': One Singer Is Sent Home

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When we first met Jason Brock during the "X Factor" auditions, the Adam Lambert-coiffed singer envisioned his perfect divo moment for the judges, starting with smoky white light, dancers descending from above him, and finishing with a glitter explosion.

Well, he did get two awards-show-worthy live performances on national TV, but his big moment wasn't meant to be, as he was the first victim of America's vote on Thursday's results show.

But Brock wasn't the only contestant in the hot seat: Fellow low vote-getter CeCe Frey had to sing for her life, and did she ever, choosing the defiant Cher ballad "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me." With lyrics like "There will be no fade out/ This is not the end/ I'm down now/ But I'll be standing tall again," it was clear that Frey had no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Brock also went the dramatic route, choosing Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for what turned out to be his swan song. The judges — including Frey's mentor Demi Lovato and Brock's mentor L.A. Reid — cast their vote, and it wasn't a clear-cut choice, with the judges split down the middle. That means it was in America's hands, and Brock was truly the lowest vote-getter and got the ax.

And Brock was his entertaining self to the end. When host Mario Lopez asked if Brock had any final words, he laughed, "I want to say: I did it for the gays and Japan. But I'm really happy to have been here."

"I'm still proud of him," Reid said. "Every time he sang, he sang from the heart. He was very entertaining, and I really enjoyed working with you and it really does make me sad to see you go. ... Keep doing it."

U.K. "X Factor" alums One Direction opened the show with their upbeat hit "Live While We're Young," and the audience's screams didn't cease from start to finish. Of course, the loudest screams were reserved for when Harry Styles finished up the chorus a cappella. The boys stuck with a red, black and white color scheme, matching the giant candy-cane-colored balloons that dropped from the ceiling and the lights that went "crazy, crazy, crazy" along with the poppy track.

Before the group's second performance, the show took us down memory lane, showing glimpses of the guys' first auditions on the U.K. "X Factor," how they were put together as a group by Simon Cowell and their mega-success since the competition. The retrospective led nicely into the romantic ballad "Little Things." It was a big departure from the pyrotechnics of the first song, as each member sat on a dimly lit set surrounded by candles and sang straight to every screaming lady in the crowd.

Aside from Brock's elimination, "X Factor" had another surprise up its sleeve, revealing the leaderboard for the week, from the highest vote-getter down to Frey. Here is where the top 12 stands:

1. Tate Stevens
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
3. Vino Alan
4. Diamond White
5. Fifth Harmony
6. Emblem3
7. Jennel Garcia
8. Paige Thomas
9. Lyric 145
10. Beatrice Miller
11. Arin Ray
12. CeCe Frey

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