Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alexander Spit takes a Lana Del Look-alike on a 'Fear and Loathing'-style trip

Chris Martins/Spin

California rapper Alexander Spit maintains the perfect blend between his Bay Area roots and Los Angeles residence. Weeded backpacker ability meets stylishly psychedelic steez and abstracted gangsta hardness on almost every one of the young MC's promising tracks and his new one, "A Breathtaking Trip," is no exception. Spit's deep growl is well met by a menacing beat — which features female R&Bist Bago on the hook — as he raps about dangerous intoxicants and doomed relationships. The Jason Goldwatch-directed video does him one better, sending Alexander on a Fear and Loathing-style desert adventure that, after the mushrooms are gone, finds him riding shotgun in a Beemer while Death drives and a Lana Del Rey look-alike draped in only an American flag feels the wind in her hair. "There's no going back tonight," sings Bago slinkily, and once the guns come out it seems like she might be right. Go ahead, ride with Alexander Spit — we dare you. The man has dropped a few free sets thus far, but he's currently building to the release of his January 29 Decon LP, A Breathtaking Trip to That Otherside, which will feature production from Alchemist and appearances by E-40 and Mr. MFN eXquire.

Alexander Spit, A Breathtaking Trip to That Otherside track list:
1. "Black Magic on Blue Magic"
2. "Ride (Chicken Wit the Odds)"
4. "That's Spit / Space Echoes"
5. "A Breathtaking Trip" (feat. BAGO)
6. "NRML Ave Interlude"
7. "B.N.E. Remix" (feat. E-40 and Mr. MFN Exquire)
8. "Coastal / Hyperion" (co-prod. by Caleb Stone)
9. "Lakes"
10. "Getaway Car" (feat. Alchemist)
11. "Vodka Interlude" (prod. by In Transit)
12. "Artesia" (feat. Action Bronson)
13. "Pulp 2013 / Heroin Chic"
14. "Cinema Interlude"
15. "Honeymoon in a Motel Room"
16. "Sluts Kiss French" (co-prod. by Bobby Evans)
17. "Death by 27"

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