Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rhapsody Launches App Strategy With SongMatch

Bruce Houghton/Hypebot

As they jockey for position in the crowded music streaming sector, Spotify, Rdio, Sony, Rhapsody and others are innovating to find any competitive advantage. This morning Rhapsody launched their strategy that follows a path already tread by Spotify - apps. Unlike Spotify, however, Rhapsody first app SongMatch, is fully mobile.

Launching first for Android, Rhapsody SongMatch is powered by Gracenote. It uses the smartphone to listen to a song playing on any device and identifies the artist, song name and album to match, store and share. Rhapsody subscribers can also listen and download full tracks of matched songs or explore deeper. All tagged songs are automatically stored and saved as a playlist for future access.

SongMatch will launch on other Smartphone platforms soon, according to Rhapsody. The company is working other free music apps that are complementary to Rhapsody’s on-demand music service.

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