Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Saturdays' U.S. EP Gives America 'A Taste' Of Their Brand Of Pop

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Still chasing the Saturdays? Well, now in addition to catching up with the U.K. girl group's antics on their reality show, you can also pump up their jams.

Their EP Chasing the Saturdays is out this week, and not only does it share a title with their reality series, it also features five handpicked tracks for their American fans, including their current single, "What About Us," featuring Sean Paul.

"We've kind of done sort of a little 'best of' of all our favorite singles from back home," Rochelle Humes told MTV News about the EP. "We want to give everyone a taste of what's going to come for our album," she added about their forthcoming full-length 2013 album release.

But, until that album drops, U.S. fans can get to know the ladies' music more intimately courtesy of Chasing, which puts the group's harmonies and vocals on display, as well as their love of pop of all kinds. "Cause we're pop music we tend to have a variation of pop music. Like, there can be pop, R&B, pop rock and dance and ballads," Una Healy said. "We can kind of do anything, which is what's great about our pop music."

Vanessa White added, "All of us individually have different tastes in music, so it's quite nice we all get to kind of blend that together."

With new music just out and a reality show still in its early stages, the ladies didn't expect anyone to know who they are. But, they've found that they already have a pretty solid American fanbase. "What we're really surprised by as well, we have done a few small shows out here, just that we've got fans that have followed us over the internet over the past few years and we're really surprised by that because we thought that nobody knew us out here," Healy said. "It's all a fresh start out here, but the American fans so far are so nice."

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