Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adele begins work on a new album

BEN KAYE/Consequence of Sound

While the rest of the Internet is abuzz with what Adele said to Chris Brown at this past weekend’s Grammy Awards, we’re more interested in what she said to journalists backstage. Following her win for “Skyfall”, the British songstress said she was beginning preparations for her third record, the followup to her record-shattering 21 (via Billboard).

Rumors spun early last year that Adele would be taking a five year hiatus following21, which not only was one of the 2011′s best, but recently became one of only 21 albums to reach Diamond status. She quickly laughed off the rumor, reportedly entering the studio as far back as February 2012. It’s unclear whether she was putting in work on a new record, but progress is being made.

“I’m not very far along at all,” she stated. “I’ve been in L.A. for the whole time since the [Golden] Globes, and I will be until the Oscars. I’ve been having lots of meetings. I’ve been out of the loop really. I’ve been singing my baby nursery rhymes, so I don’t really know what’s cool and what’s not. I’m definitely going to visit Paul Epworth and stuff like that again.”

Epworth was responsible for producing and co-writing a number of tracks on 21, including the smash single “Rolling in the Deep”. On October 19th last year, Adele and her beau Simon Konecki welcomed their first baby boy (whose name hasn’t been revealed yet, hence all the tattoo hubbub. “Angelo” is the heavy favorite, bee-tee-dubs).

While we wait for more news on the hotly anticipated new album, Adele will perform her theme to the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, on February 24th at the Academy Awards, where the song is nominated for Best Original Song. She won a Golden Globe for the song in the same category. Get ready for the first-ever (and possibly only-ever) live performance of “Skyfall” by revisiting the song’s video below.

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