Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rihanna Strips Down To Just Her Emotions In 'Stay' Video

Jocelyn Vena/MTV

Not since Britney Spears went for a dip in her "Everytime" video has a pop star's bath time made for such an unforgettable music video. While Spears' video is driven by a storyline, not much happens in Rihanna's clip for "Stay," but plenty is said.

The solemn, simple visual reflects the equally solemn ballad, showing theGrammy winner strip down and crawl into the tub, where she spends the entire clip. The water covers her body, but the shadow of her figure underneath the milky blue water leaves very little to the imagination.

When the video isn't focused on Rihanna's heartbreak, it cuts to Mikky Ekko, the singer/songwriter who appears on the track with her. They are never together in the visual, but instead call and answer each other's longing calls.

"Stay" is Rihanna's follow-up to "Diamonds," but where "Diamonds" (directed by Anthony Mandler) focused on quick, dramatic shots to weave together its story, "Stay" is all about lingering moments. The final image is of Rihanna's face, her eyes closed, just soaking it all in.

The clip was directed by Sophie Muller, marking the legendary director's first collaboration with the singer. Muller has previously directed unforgettable clips for No Doubt, Beyoncé, Pink and Annie Lennox, among others. This is not the first time fans have seen Rih Rih and Ekko together. Rihanna was joined by Ekko on Sunday night at the Grammy Awards, where they performed the song together in an equally simple performance.

In addition to the official video, Rihanna also dropped an "uncut" version of the raw video. In it, Ekko never makes an appearance but instead it is just footage of the pop star alone in the tub.

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