Friday, March 22, 2013

BandPage: Unique experiences for music fans

Whitney Matheson/USA Today

I guess one upside to the downfall of the record industry is that bands are willing to get creative when it comes to making money.

Many of us have indulged in special releases, merch and the like, but a site called BandPage offers more unusual fan experiences ... for a price.

For instance, go there right now, and you can score a VIP meet-and-greet with George Clinton for $150. Prefer indie to funk? Then maybe you'd like Yoni Wolf from the band WHY?cook dinner for you and your friends.

Other items include personalized songs and music lessons, many of them at a fairly reasonable price. And since you know the cash is going straight to the band, it's a nice way to support music you already love.

Prices start around $20 — for that amount, the band 2AM Club will fill a disposable camera with photos from the road — and go up into the thousands. Sadly, the one thing I'd really want is already sold out; I'm so jealous of the folks who scored atheremin lesson from the Octopus Project!

As for the weirdest item on BandPage right now, that might belong to the bandBattlehooch. For $300, the guys will donate six pints of blood to the Red Cross — and sing you a woozy song afterward.

If you need to buy a gift for the music fan who has everything, I'd say this is an ideal place to look. Thanks to dedicated reader BIG BUSINESS for the heads-up.

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