Saturday, March 9, 2013

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Follow-Up Coming In April

Driadonna Roland/MTV

Only one man could ride a single for eight months, but even Psy decided it's time for something new. Here's the moment we've all been waiting for: the K-pop singer announced the arrival of his "Gangnam Style" follow-up, and it's coming as soon as April 13.

Psy teased an update on Twitter, and then uploaded a YouTube video that showed his take on the "Harlem Shake" video trend, aptly named "Gangnam Shake."

Psy, in neck scarf and cropped harem pants, told fans that there will be a live, worldwide "happening" on April 13. The new single will be unveiled at a YouTube-broadcast concert in Seoul World Cup Stadium for everyone online to hear. And then he broke into dance, kicking his leg high aerobics-style and unleashing his best "OMG" face.

"Gangnam Style" was released in July 2012 and instantly went viral, making history as the first YouTube video to crack a billion views. Even the legendary MC Hammer got in on the Gangnam craze, joining Psy for a performance that brought down the house at the American Music Awards in November.

To tide us all over until the new song drops, however, an entire EP of "Gangnam Style" remixes dropped earlier this week called "Remix Style."2 Chainz, Tyga and Afrojack jumped on the bandwagon — err, the fun — as well.

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