Friday, March 29, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs New Song ‘Under The Earth’

Amy Sciarretto/

Robert Maxwell for The New York Times
With an extensive profile in The New York Times comes a newly streaming song from the Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s forthcoming record ‘Mosquito.’ The new track is called ‘Under the Earth,’ and, well, it’s not of this earth, that’s for sure.

The song, which you can stream here, is fourth song on ‘Mosquito,’ according to the official track listing. It’s a trippy, anthemic kaleidoscope of sound, and it’s lead by the coquettish, somewhat sultry vocals of one Karen O. Her voice slithers in serpentine fashion all over the instrumentation.

‘Under the Earth’ could easily qualify as acid rock, thanks to the echo effects on the vocals and the guitars. It’s trancey, and it can transport you elsewhere, like a mind-altering, illicit substance. It’s all about echo and reverb, reverb and echo and plenty of quirk. Casual fans looking for something similar to ‘Maps,’ the band’s biggest hit, won’t find anything of that ilk, at least not with this song.

‘Mosquito,’ which is the band’s fourth record, is out April 16. Now that you've listened to ‘Under the Earth,’ what do you think? Did you feel like you were floating in space? Hit us up in the comments and describe the experience — provided you can still type.

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