Monday, April 15, 2013

Songza Raises $3.82 Million For Curated Playlists

Bruce Houghton/Hypebot

Songza has completed a $3.8 million fund-raising round , according to a new SEC filing. Details of the investment were not disclosed, but Amazon has been long term supporter of Songza, which focuses on hand curated mood and activity centered playlists.

The team behind Songza has founded and sold indie download store Amie Street to Amazon in 2010 Songza.

While Songza is not yet a major player in the streaming music space, it has a strong and rapid user base. In June of last year, a then new Songza iOS Apps was downloaded 1.15 million times in just 10 days.

One of the free music service's major strengths is ease of use. Songza quickly suggests playlists based on time of day, what the user is doing, mood and musical preferences "As the service gains traction, it will likely further the transition of music to merely the audio backdrop to our daily activities," wrote Live Nation Lab's Kyle Bylin. "It won’t be assumed that we do something else and listen to music, it’ll be accepted that we’re always doing something else".

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