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'The Voice' Recap: Bruno Mars Leads 'Feel-Good' Night Of Battles

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"The Voice" felt real good last night as contestants continued to face-off in the battle rounds. It seems Bruno Mars struck a particular chord with coaches as two chose his emotional ballads for their singers.

With the cattiness behind them, coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira focused on honing the skills of their team members, hoping to make the right decisions in fear of losing them to the steal.

While most of the night's winners were expected, there were a couple surprises. Here are some of our favorite moments:

GraceThe first battle between Team Usher's Jessica Childress and Vedo set the "feel-good" mood for the rest of the night. The former PR professional and young crooner were assigned Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven," a song that showcased their ability to connect to both music and each other. "You lit up the room," Shelton told the pair. While Childress' personality shone, Usher settled on Vedo's voice. During a tender moment, Usher approached a tearful Vedo backstage as he remembered his late mother and reminded the young man how proud she was watching him from ... heaven.

No One Likes a Third WheelIn the past, duos haven't had much luck on "The Voice," failing to advance in battle rounds. So when Midas Whale were paired with Patrick Dodd, there wasn't too much hope for them. Struggling to find a unified voice during rehearsals, the folk duo were overpowered by Dodd's amazing tone. "That's the kind of voice the world is missing right now," Usher told Dodd after the threesome sang "Ain't No Sunshine," but in a surprise move Levine chose Midas Whale for their "uniqueness and strangeness."

Strategy And StealsWhen Team Shakira's "most eccentric" duo Luke Edgemon and Monique Abbadie took on Lady Gaga's "You and I," you thought you knew how it would end. Getting unanimous praise from the male coaches, Edgemon seemed the front runner until Shakira made a "strategic" move and chose Abbadie. Impressed, Shelton and Usher didn't wait long to steal Edgemon, whom Levine called a "big revelation." And in an interesting counter, the energetic singer took a note from his ex-coach's book, strategically choosing reigning champion Shelton as his new mentor. The steals didn't end there. Usher nabbed Team Shakira's C. Perkins just as he was leaving the stage for good, waiting until the last moment to remind the R&B singer that his time there was precious and to value it. What a way to teach, Usher.

Levine stole Orlando Dixon from Team Usher during the last battle of the night. Dixon was praised for his technicality and "control," losing to Ryan Innes because of Innes' innate ability to connect to lyrics.

Recap:Team Usher: Jessica Childress vs. Vedo
Team Shakira: Luke Edgemon (stolen by Usher) vs. Monique Abbadie
Team Blake: Jacqui Sandell vs. Savannah Berry
Team Shakira: C. Perkins (stolen by Usher) vs. Kris Thomas
Team Adam: Midas Whale vs. Patrick Dodd
Team Usher: Orlando Dixon (stolen by Adam) vs. Ryan Innes

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