Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ryan Seacrest & NBC SUED For $75K! Use Of Unlicensed Music

Perez Hilton

Well, this doesn’t sound good.

Ryan Seacrest’s production company and NBC Universal are being sued by a music producer for using his music on Khloe & Lamar without proper approval.

Jose Moreno’s filed suit claims the following:
“Ryan Seacrest Productions, NBC Universal…intentionally edited substantial portions of Jose Moreno’s copyrighted musical works into television programs which were publicly performed on prominent cable channels and viewed by millions of people… Defendants did so with no license from Jose Moreno, the sole copyright owner.”
He is seeking a heaping $75,000 in damages!! YIKES!

The case will be held in court later this year on December 2, but if what Jose claims is in fact true, this is one HUGE oversight on the part of Ryan Seacrest Productions and NBC!!

Then again, it could be so much worse!

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