Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens Sells '$$$ex' In New Video

Jocelyn Vena/MTV

Vanessa Hudgens invited fans on a neon-colored fever dream in "Spring Breakers," and she's keeping the aesthetic alive in her just-released music video for "$$sex," featuring L.A. girl group YLA.

While the video never enters Harmony Korine levels of naughtiness, the clip (co-directed by the actress) is a spectacle of grainy footage, bright colors, quick shots, funky effects, flashing lights and pretty ladies. The video's '90s rave-culture vibe certainly mimics the grinding Rock Mafia-produced dance track, which features vocals from Hudgens as well as YLA.

For Hudgens' part, she's singing the provocative tune to camera, her dark hair pulled back. She's wearing a midriff-baring black tank and a thick gold choker, lip-synching lines like "Can't you feel my hot sex" before it all breaks down into a musical mess of synths and beats.

"The video is '90s-inspired, gritty, with a vision of crazy lights and colors. It's so different than everything else out there. I love it!" she told E! Newsabout the clip, which she shot in a friend's basement in Manhattan Beach, California.

One of the girls in YLA, Laura New, also happens to be friends with Hudgens, giving her pal's vision two thumbs up. "We all wanted a retro feel to it," New said. "Then Vanessa had some really great ideas, and we all went for it. ... She got behind the camera and was fixing lights and made it happen."

While Hudgens has focused on acting the past few years, the actress seems to be making the move back to singing since releasing "Spring Breakers" in March. Disney co-star and real-life friend Ashley Tisdale recently explained to MTV News why the ladies have gravitated back to the studio. "I think music, for us, is a big part of us, me and Vanessa," Tisdale said, adding that she too is recording new music. "We love it. We obviously came from 'High School Musical,' so we miss it."

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