Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Foxygen Cancel Tour Dates After Frontman Breaks Leg In Stage Fall

Amrit Singh/StereoGum

When a band starts being mentioned more for its attendant exploits than the music it’s making, be wary: It’s often a sign of a ship off-course; and yet, it can be the mark of a generally rising tide. And so we have the case of Foxygen in 2013, whose popularity has been firming with their classic ’60s retro pastiche debut LP, and whose live shows — already streaked with a shambolic, Morrison-lite psychedelic shamanism — started showing signs of tension directed both outward (at SXSW with a huffy, crowd-confronting stage fit) and internally (all reports from Pitchfork Fest suggested a group seething at itself). The band drama came to a head, publicly at least, with last week’s Tumblr post from a touring band member, painting the picture of an unhealthy and contentious relationship between Foxygen principles Sam France and Jonathan Rado. The band insisted they’re not breaking up, though after Monday night’s episode, it does seem they’ll take a few days to recover. Albeit on somewhat different grounds.

According to City Pages (via CoS), singer Sam France lost his balance while preening on a stage monitor in Minneapolis’s First Avenue on Monday night, falling into a stage barricade below and breaking his leg in the process. Foxygen were contrite and loving from stage and online afterward, but they will need to cancel upcoming shows in Vancouver and Seattle: According to the band’s Twitter, Sam’s in need in surgery, presenting a definitive cap on what’s been an apparently intense couple of months. God speed to a healthy and quick recovery for young France, and hopefully this little break winds up doing his band some good.

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