Friday, August 2, 2013

Lady Gaga And Madonna Accused Of Violating Visas While Performing In Russia

Christopher Rudolph/The Huffington Post

Oh, Russia, you're making friends left and right these days!

Not only has the country made promotion of "gay propaganda" illegal, Russian officials are now re-opening an investigation on Lady Gaga. After being quiet for most of the year, Mother Monster recently came back into the spotlight with theannouncement of her new album "ARTPOP," and the first single "Applause," which will premiere Aug. 19 (followed by a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards Aug. 25). Now legal troubles are threatening to overshadow the single's debut as Russian politician Vitaly Milonov is opening an investigation that Gaga promoted "gay propaganda" while performing in the country, and accepted payment while only on a tourist visa.

Milonov is also accusing Madonna of the same visa breach while performing in the country last year as part of her MDNA World Tour, and now the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) is reporting that the Prosecutor General's Office have ruled that both performers did violate their tourist visas and released the following statement:
The visas issued were of the basic cultural exchange sort, which does not grant their bearers the right to engage in any commercial activity.
Now more steps will have to be taken before any legal action occurs, such as the prosecutors presenting their case to the Foreign Ministry and the Federal Migration Service. Until then Gaga and Madonna could face a fine if they return to Russia, or be refused a visa if they try to enter the country.

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