Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Prince dropped new song called “Groovy Potential” & Joins Twitter

Prince Rogers Nelson appears to have joined Twitter. How do we know? Because in between pictures of selfies, food porn, and the incredible image you see above (yes, he really tweeted that!), the Purple Unicorn of Majestic Music Glory tweeted out a link to a new song. It’s called “Groovy Potential” and god damn is it great. One half funk-jam, one half late-night lounger, “Groovy Potential” begins all sexy and sensual with intricate guitar work, muted trumpets, and some helluva great vocal work by one Mr. Nelson. Then… BAAAMMMM!!!! The orchestra gets kicking and man oh man, do I wish it was Friday night and not Wednesday morning. Alas.

The song is available to preview below, or purchase in full at

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