Friday, September 27, 2013

Ke$ha's Taking Aim At 'Lying Sack of Sh--' Ex-BF In New Song

Photo: MTV News
James Montgomery/MTV

Ke$ha's pissed. And she's letting everyone know it in her new music, including one song that rips into a thoroughly lousy ex-boyfriend ... and definitely hits below the belt.

"Right now [my new songs are] more dude-oriented, because I recently had this boy just be a total piece of sh--, douchebag piece of garbage [to me]," Ke$ha vented. He's just a lying sack of sh--, balls, sh-- -filled b---sack, he's just a giant pair. And he has a tiny penis, and he sucks real bad, so I'm writing about that."

Yow. You'll notice that Ke$ha used the present tense whilst talking about her ex, which might lead some to believe that he's still (somehow) in her life. But, rest assured that is most certainly not the case.

"I blocked him, because he was being such a f---ing psychopathic piece of garbage dogs---," she said. "So I wrote a song called 'F--- You,' but then that title was already taken, so 'U Suck Ass' is another title. It's talking about fake orgasms every time I had sex with him, and how I pawned all the diamonds he bought me in Vegas and bought some Chanel earrings."

Will we see the target of all her ire on the upcoming second season of Ke$ha's "My Crazy Beautiful Life?" Only time will tell. For the moment, Ke$h is content to let her ex squirm a bit ... turns out, Taylor Swift's got nothing on her.

"Don't f--- with me. Out of all the bitches to f--- with," she snarled. "I'll write a whole album and tell somebody in an interview all about you, all the fake orgasms, tiny wieners ... don't f--- with me."

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