Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dave Grohl, Jack Black, and Val Kilmer perform together as Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs

MICHAEL ROFFMAN/Consequence of Sound

What happens when Dave Grohl, Jack Black, and Val Kilmer get together? Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs. As part of Yahoo’s popular web series, Ghost Ghirls, the three nefarious musical icons star in a short about a recording studio being haunted by a 1970′s Southern country rock band. The titular Ghost Ghirls are called forth to assist them in finishing their last song, “Back to the Beginning”, in order for them to cross over into heaven, hell, or wherever three country rocker dudes go when they pay the piper. It’s probably the best performance of Val Kilmer’s post-2010 career, so park that tush, grab an Arnold Palmer, and enjoy the sweet, sweet bluegrass below.

If you dig the tune — and why wouldn’t you? — grab it over at iTunes now.

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