Thursday, October 10, 2013

Indie rock lifer Mike Kinsella's new project, Their/They're/There

It appears that the complexity of Evan Weiss' music is directly proportional to the amount of punctuation in the band behind it. His Into It. Over It. project recently released Intersections, a strong sophomore LP filled with bent, verbose, primarily acoustic emo, and now here's Their/They're/There, a collaboration with guitarist Matthew Frank (Loose Lips Sink Ships) and Mike Kinsella, another Chicagoan who also recently released a strong LP of bent, verbose, primarily acoustic emo as Owen, L'Ami du Peuple. On their upcoming EP Analog Weekend(out December 10 via Polyvinyl/Topshelf), both Weiss and Frank are plugged in. "New Blood", simply put, is a rock song made up of nothing but sharp edges, Weiss' keening vocals ably handling the kind of acute angles you'd expect from Kinsella, a member of time-signature-strangling emo's royal family.

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