Thursday, October 17, 2013

M.I.A. Teases New Single 'Y.A.L.A.'

KORY GROW/RollingStone

C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images
Electro-rap firebrand M.I.A. has teased a new single, "Y.A.L.A.," from her upcoming fourth album, Matangi, which comes out November 5th. She released about a minute and a half's worth of the song today on Soundcloud. The title serves as her own spin on Drake's carefree call-to-arms "Y.O.L.O.," but instead of encouraging her fans to throw caution to the wind, "Y.A.L.A." stands for "You Always Live Again." "If you only live once why we keep doing the same shit?" she asked in a tweet announcing the single. The track will be available on October 22nd for those who pre-order the album.

After M.I.A. declares, "bombs go off when I enter the building," the track kicks into a stammering, warbling synth rhythm that perfectly complements her rhymes about everything from keeping Cointreau in her poncho to dancing on tiptoes, as well as something or other about yo-yos. When she sings the song title, it sounds an awful lot like "Y.O.L.O.," which could hardly be a coincidence considering how much she likes raising her middle finger to any kind of standard conventions.

She did that most recently when she felt that her label, Interscope, was delaying the release of Matangi, which was originally due in April. In early August, she aired her grievances on Twitter, threatening to leak the record herself. After they gave her a November release date, she released another new single, "Come Walk With Me," in September. Each new development is sure to provide additional subject for the off-again, on-again documentary she's making about the album.

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