Friday, October 25, 2013

The New MoshCam's 20 Top Live Concert Videos

Eliot Van Buskirk/

Another company wants to make live music on the internet a thing.

MoshCam, sporting a clean new look as of this month, claims to be creating “the world’s [sic] largest online catalogue of originally-produced high definition live music videos” and already to be among the top three percent of YouTube channels. Its HD concert and interview videos are also available in apps for iOS,Android, Hulu, Google TV, some Sony TVs, and on websites like this one (see our top twenty concert list below). All of it is free, on all platforms, with the artists owning the copyrights.

The problem, as always, it seems, with live music websites, is catalog. If you browse all of the Discover section, MoshCam lists only 99 concerts. The Artists section contains many more — over 1,000 in total, according to the company’sAbout page. Also, each concert has multiple songs (sometimes all of them), and viewers are free to make shareable playlists out of those — sort of like miniature, custom-curated music festivals.

Still, it’s not a large percentage of the world of live music, or even live online music, no matter how you slice it. And the vast majority of the gigs are in multiple venues in Sydney, Australia, while the remainder seem to be in L.A. This leaves out plenty of bands and gigs, obviously. The issue: Filming, producing, and securing the rights to live video is way harder than signing an agreement to distribute someone else’s recorded music.

Still, it’s impressive what MoshCam has put together, all with great audio and video quality.

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