Friday, November 1, 2013

Rhapsody & Napster Partner With The Echo Nest For New Rhapsody Radio

Bruce Houghton/Hypebot

The Echo Nest - which seems to have partnered to provide some kind of underlying tech for just about every player in the digital music space - today added Rhapsody to it's client list. Rhapsody subscribers in the U.S. and Napster subscribers in Europe and Latin America can now create and curate artist and song-based stations powered by The Echo Nest.

The new Rhapsody Radio will give users as much or as little influence on the station as they want. By leveraging Listeners can access editorial, genre and mood-based stations curated by the Rhapsody team or create and save their own personalized stations for later.

The service is available now on Android and iOS apps as well as on the web. Other Rhapsody Radio features include:
  • No ads
  • Unlimited skipping
  • Preview & rewind
  • Tune it your way: Thumbs up? We’ll play more songs like this song. Thumbs down? We won’t. Feeling adventurous? Use the Variety Tuner bar to control how diverse you want the station.
  • Favorites: Digging a song? Add it to your favorites for quick access and listen again and again.
An upgraded Rhapsody app for iOS 7 users was also launched today that includes a “swipe to reveal” menu that provides a simple, quick way to navigate through the app.

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