Monday, November 25, 2013

The Killers Feature 'Glee' Star in 'Just Another Girl'

KORY GROW/RollingStone

Glee actress Dianna Agron takes on a particularly challenging role in the video for the Killers' latest single, "Just Another Girl": She plays Killers singer Brandon Flowers. In the clip, she dons a typically ornate, Flowers-like blazer with feather shoulders, as she takes her place in front of the Las Vegas rockers. Then, mic in hand, she mouths the words to the track, which is one of two new songs on the group's recently released compilation, Direct Hits.

The band's history is the focus of "Just Another Girl," as Agron finds herself in various vignettes that recall the group's past clips. It begins as she walks past Killers-related props – including the band members on their respective instruments – before settling in front of the mic as the rockers kick the song into a higher gear. From there, things progress quickly and she moves from one video throwback to another. She wears a mustache similar to Flowers's in "All These Things I've Done." She walks past the wedding scene in "When You Were Young," and even wears the cumbersome red outfit that Flowers wore in the "Spaceman" video. Flowers himself makes a cameo, but Agron shines as the video's star.

It all adds up to a fun history lesson that makes perfect sense within the context of Direct Hits, which came out earlier this month. The comp contains 13 tracks from the band's four albums, as well as new songs "Just Another Girl" and "Shot at the Night." A video for the latter track came out in September, and it featured an appearance by Dark Shadows star Bella Heathcote at the center of a Cinderella-like story.

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