Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ron Burgundy and Robin Thicke Cover Christopher Cross

Will Ferrell (in character as Ron Burgundy) and Robin Thicke offer a novel approach to the duet format in their cover of Christopher Cross' "Ride Like the Wind" for the Anchorman 2 soundtrack. While Thicke handles most of the vocal work (aside from Burgundy's echo, heavy on the vibrato, of the refrain "such a long way to goooo"), the news anchor serves as a sort of inept hype-man, with exclamations such as "It's a hot wind!" and "Feel that draft up your skirt ladies? That's me."

A few of his interjections make special reference to the "Blurred Lines" singer: In response to the line "I was born the son of a lawless man," Burgundy responds, "You mean Alan Thicke?" He later excuses an off-color comment by noting that he "smoked a funny cigarette with this Robin Thicke guy."

Four minutes into the song, Burgundy takes over to show off his chops on a jazzy flute solo. "Let me hit you with this," he says by way of introduction. "Three feet of polished nickel, valves and my sweet breath."

Cross' original 1980 recording of "Ride Like the Wind" (featuring backing vocals by Michael McDonald) will also be included on the Anchorman 2 soundtrack, along with other period classics from Neil Diamond, Captain and Tennille and Kenny Loggins. The soundtrack hits shelves on December 17th; the movie opens the following day.

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