Friday, December 6, 2013

Spotify To Expand Free Mobile Music Service On December 11th

Bruce Houghton/Hypebot

Spotify is adding a new mobile tier to its free music offering, according to multiple reports. The announcement will be made during a NYC press event scheduled for next Wednesday, December 11th. More music consumption is moving to mobile, and some services like iTunes Radio already offer free service there. In fact, the new free mobile service will reportedly have more in common with iTunes Radio than with it's own on-demand paid tier.

Users of Sptotify's free mobile tier willreportedly be able to add songs in a playlist. If that playlist is long enough to allow the company to pay the lower rate for online radio streams, Spotify will play them a limited number of times. If the playlist is too short, Spotify will add tracks. All free playlists will intersperse ads.

A Spotify spokesman refused comment. In addition to staying competitive, Spotify's goal is to convert the free user to a paid subscriber.

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