Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros' New Video Will Make You Cry

Brenna Ehrlich/MTV

Photo: Vagrant Records
Merging sound and vision has been a theme for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros these past few days, as — in addition to frontman Alex Ebert scoring a Golden Globe — the band recently released the official music video for "All Wash Out." The video was created by and stars a fan who recently passed away.

The band posted the video — a gorgeous affair in which fan Sophia Glaser wanders through the forests and the rain — to YouTube, complete with a letter from Glaser's sister Luna, explaining how the young woman passed away in her sleep due to a brain hemorrhage.

Luna tells the band that Sophia had first entered the video in a contest, and that her family later played it at her memorial service.

"I find the description (which went along with her video); 'A girl goes on a journey to wash away what's behind her leading to her rebirth' incredibly moving as she would have no idea that she would soon leave this earth," Luna wrote, adding, "It gives indescribable joy and comfort to be able to turn to this video, during this period of grieving and to know that it will stay with us."

Luna ends the letter with a plea — one that the band answered, and then some: "I realize that it is a long shot, but it would mean very, very much to us if there were any way you would be able to help share this last memory of Sophie."

Not only did the band share the video, they also made it their official music video for the track, and shared Luna's letter in the description on YouTube. A lovely creation brimming with both sadness and a kind of manic, open-mouth-in-the-rain joy, the video is the perfect accompaniment to the band's fragile storm of a song, which comes off of their 2012 album Here.

Frontman Ebert also celebrated merging image and music Sunday night when he collected his Golden Globe for Best Original Score, for the film "All Is Lost," which stars a lost-at-sea Robert Redford.

When accepting the award, Ebert thanked director J.C. Chandor, saying: "Thank you for having the faith to see what I had done before and thought that I could do this. Even the most deft pen is a clumsy tool and yet we still try for magic. Thanks for letting me try all over your movie."

Looks like Ebert decided to pay it forward when embracing Glaser's vision.

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