Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cut Copy's 'We Are Explorers' Gets a Unique Larry Gus Remix


Photo by Michael Muller
The best remixes can turn a song on its head, completely overhauling its sound and transforming it into something surprising that works just as well as the original. Such is the case with Greek electronic producer Larry Gus' cacophonous take on Australian indie dance band Cut Copy's "We Are Explorers," from their fourth album Free Your Mind, released last fall. Gus' deconstructed version of the track is topped with bells, cymbals and a grab bag of other percussion instruments that make for a rich listening experience.

"To me, this remix epitomizes everything that is incredible and unique about Larry Gus," band founder Dan Whitford tells Rolling Stone. "He is a master at collaging together obscure sounds and live percussion to create something magically evocative and new. And with this beautiful remix he has turned 'We Are Explorers' into something we would never have expected."

Cut Copy are currently on tour in Australia and will be coming to the U.S. for a string of shows on March 19th, when they play Nashville.

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