Thursday, March 13, 2014

23 Celebs Make Cameos In Jason DeRulo's 'Talk Dirty'

Gil Kaufman/MTV

What do One Direction, Ariana Grande, Flo Rida, Austin Mahone, Ryan Seacrest and, um Larry King have in common?

Nothing, really, except they are among the dozen-plus celebs who make cameos in a new all-star edition of the video for Jason DeRulo's hit, "Talk Dirty."

The "Celebrities Talkin' Dirty" clip dropped on Wednesday (March 14) and like Carly Rae Jepsen's star-packed "Call Me Maybe" video and Bonnie McKee's A-list "American Girl," DeRulo clearly called in a bunch of favors for the second clip for Middle Eastern-vibed top 5 Billboard hit.

Who answered his call?
1. One Direction — at various points we see Niall Horan (in his underwear!) and Harry Styles dancing shirtless while Liam Payne and Zayn Malik bust some backstage moves in the green room.
2. Fifth Harmony — The girls shake it for the camera.
3. Trevor Moran — The YouTube star shows off his swag in a tuxedo.
4. Ariana Grande — Just flipping her hair.
5. Austin Mahone — Showing Jason his MC Hammer dance.
6. Larry King — The legendary interviewer read the lyrics, "I'm that flight that you get on ... international."
7. Emblem3 — The "X Factor" trio get down with DeRulo in their dressing room.
8. — Mouthing the lyrics about flying internationally in first class ... on his lap.
9. Tyler Posey — Getting down to the song on the red carpet.
10. Ryan Seacrest — Goofing off at the radio station.
11. Maxwell — The Z100 DJ can't get enough.
12. Janoskians — The Australian YouTube stars known for their gross-out pranks are all over this thing.
13. Keenan Cahill — Internet star who's hosted everyone from 50 Cent to Justin Bieber and, yes, DeRulo on his YouTube channel.
14. Robin Thicke — Urging you to talk dirty to him, of course.
15. Pete Wentz — The Fall out Boy bassist mimes the song's signature snake charmer horn break.
16. Pawn Stars — Rick sings the hook while "Old Man" Rich Harrison points and squints.
17. Brett Michaels — Of course the reality star and Poison singer is in on the action.
18. Enrique Iglesias — He wants you to talk dirty to him (in Spanish).
19. Flo Rida — Gets jazzy on it.
20. Jordin Sparks — You thought he wasn't going to include his fiancĂ©e in the video?
21. Tori Kelly — The "Dear No One" singer moves her hips.
22. Colin Kaepernick — The San Francisco 49ers quarterback can't resist the hook either.
23. Bow Wow — See previous.

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