Friday, March 21, 2014

Billy Joel performs on The Tonight Show

Alex Young/Consequence of Sound

You’d think by now Jimmy Fallon would be at least a little jaded. This is a guy after all who has performed alongside Springsteen and Vedder, reunited Jesse and the Rippers, and had the President of the United States slow jam the news. But last night, Fallon was in full-blown fanboy mode as Billy Joel serenaded The Tonight Show with a rendition of “You May Be Right”. Mid-way through the performance, Fallon joined in and gave his best James Brown impression, singing, dancing, playing hot sax, even dropping to his knees. Just when you thought Letterman was stealing all of Fallon’s thunder, Jimmy has reclaimed his crown. Watch below.

During the interview portion, Fallon and Joel formed a two-man doo-wop group and sang “The Lion King” theme song using the help of an iPad. Check that out below:

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