Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Phantogram performs on Late Show

Alex Young/Consequence of Sound

At the fresh young age of 66, David Letterman is quickly becoming the music Internet’s favorite meme. In recent months, he’s flipped out not once, not twice, not thrice, but four different times following musical performances on the Late Show. But how much weight do Letterman’s reactions hold? And what’s it say about performances like the one delivered by Phantogram last night, which was met with a few nice adjectives and little else? The electro-pop duo’s dusky, synth-heavy rendition of ”The Day You Died” was as solid to be expected, but unless Letterman did cartwheels following the performance, it had no chance of making a blip amongst all the noise generated from Future Islands’ appearance and freakout the previous night. Does this mean there’s now a downside to playing Letterman? At the very least, it’s become a high risk, high reward platform for aspiring young bands.

Watch the replay of Phantogram’s performance below:

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