Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hans Zimmer to score Batman vs. Superman film

CHRIS COPLAN/Consequence of Sound

When it comes to scoring superhero movies, Hans Zimmer is like a one-man Justice League. Since the mid-2000s, he’s provided the music for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises), Iron Man, Megamind(it totally counts), Man of Steel, and, the forthcoming sequel toThe Amazing Spider-Man. Not since John Williams himself has one man had such a profound impact on the superhero genre.

Now, in an interview with Digital Spy, Zimmer’s revealed that he’s reuniting with director Zack Snyder to score the Man of Steel follow-up, tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. (Or, as the A.V. Club has come to calling it, Man Of Steel 2: This One Has Batman In It.)

“We’ve already had a couple of chats,” Zimmer said, referring to conversations with Snyder. “Once I finish the movie that I shall not talk about (Nolan’s “secretive sci-fi epic” Interstellar) I will probably head over to where Zack is shooting his movie and just hang out a bit and see if we can come up with any ideas.”

While no music has been put to paper, Zimmer mentioned that he’ll be coming up with a new theme for this take on the Batman franchise. (Which makes sense, given Ben Affleck’s meant to portray a slightly older, more grizzled Caped Crusader.) As Zimmer explained, he’s hoping to avoid netting either film series any unwanted comparisons.

“That’s my problem, that’s my dilemma. I don’t want to betray, if that’s the right word, the Dark Knight movies,” he said. “That was Christian (Bale), it was Christian’s role. It’s not just that it was nine years of our lives, so you want to stay honest and honourable to that period. So it’s really about, ‘Is there something else I can find that I haven’t tapped into?’ Which I don’t know until I sit down with Zack.”

The news comes just months after Zimmer was initially hesitant about heading back to Gotham City. In an interview with Collider, Zimmer said the project was “creating a bit of a problem in my head right now. Quite honestly, I’ve gotta sit down with Zack and have a chat with him about what he’s trying to do because what I don’t want to do is go back to that well. It’s a different Batman; Christian Bale and what I did with Chris, that needs to have its autonomous life. I don’t want to go and now appropriate that and put that into the other Batman.”

Batman Vs. Superman hits theaters on May 6th, 2016. Below, check out selections from Zimmer’s Man of Steel and Dark Knight Rises scores.

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