Wednesday, April 9, 2014

People really hate the music kids are listening to these days

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If you asked a thousand people how they feel about music these days, guess how many people hate it? Answer: A lot of them.

Even though we’re only about three years into the 2010's, 42 percent of Americans surveyed think it’s already the worst decade for music since the Woodstock era. Ouch! According to a “60 Minutes”/Vanity Fair poll conducted on behalf of CBS News — which asked 1,017 adults ages 18 and older around the country for their thoughts — people are already tired of the age of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc.

“The ’70s had classic rock and disco, the ’80s had pop and new wave, the ’90s had hip hop, alternative rock and grunge but starting around the turn of the century, Americans seem to feel music has hit a rough patch,” the poll noted.

Is anyone surprised? Everyone always thinks the music back in the day was better, right? Not so fast: “Many people are predisposed to feel nostalgia for the music and songs of their youth,” the survey acknowledged. “But by a wide margin, even today’s younger set feels that this decade’s music is the worst.”

Uh-oh: If younger people don’t even like current music the kids are listening to these days, what chance do we have? The other decades all have similar percentage of haters: 15 percent think the 2000s were the worst, followed by 13 percent for the ’90s, 14 percent for the ’80s and 12 percent for the ’70s.

Among other findings in the poll: If forced to take their daughter to one of those “modern day” concerts, 39 percent of people asked would choose a Taylor Swift show over Katy Perry (26 percent); One Direction (11 percent); Miley (5 percent) or the Biebs (3 percent).

And as for where listeners even hear music these days, 49 percent of Americans polled say they listen to the radio the most. About 17 percent choose streaming options (Spotify, Pandora, the dying,which is the favored method among people ages 18 to 34.

Also, 26 percent of people think guitar is the sexiest instrument; sorry, fans of the woodwind family, flutes only clocked in at 5 percent sexy.

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