Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blondie celebrates 40 years on The Daily Show

BEN KAYE/Consequence of Sound

Blondie is out celebrating their 40th anniversary, which as of Tuesday includes the release of their new greatest hits record as well as their first album in three years, Ghosts of Download. Last night, the new wave pioneers appeared on The Daily Show to support both releases.

First, during John Stewart’s diatribe against cable news’ coverage of the Solange-Jay Z elevator brawl (which Stewart dubbed “TroublĂ© in Beyadise”), Debbie Harry gave a PSA about celebrity elevator violence that ended with her holding a sign reading “#F*@kYouRush.” Please people, let’s not force these celebs to use the stairs.

Later on, Blondie delivered a performance of the Latin-flaired “Sugar on the Side”. With a voice that hasn’t faded a bit and impressive hip shaking for someone who’s nearly 70, Harry totally sold lines like “I’ll kill to see when your eyes get ahold of me / with a little sugar on the side, I’ll be fine.”

After the commercial break, Stewart spent a minute talking to Harry and Chris Stein about digitally recording Ghosts of Download from across the country and why drummer Clem Burke was behind a bug shield. The band closed out the evening with a rendition of “One Way Or Another”. Replay all the important parts below.

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