Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coldplay’s video for “A Sky Full of Stars”

CHRIS COPLAN/Consequence of Sound

With “A Sky Full of Stars”, Coldplay delivered not only Ghost Stories’ most upbeat ballad, but perhaps the band’s most cheery and celebratory track to date. It only makes sense, then, that the Avicii-produced single would have an equally feel-good video.

Directed by Kate Moross, the video sees Chris Martin walking through Sydney, Australia dressed as a goofy busker (see: Mary Poppins). As he gathers a sizable crowd, the remainder of the band, also rocking sweet busker set-ups, join Martin and together they make their way to a local park. The result is ginormous group sing-along, complete with confetti. It’s sweeter than two dozen puppies dressed as dinosaurs playing in a plastic kiddie pool full of glitter and beach balls.

Get ready for a serious sugar rush as you watch below.

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